Monday, March 29, 2010

Something new

I was asked kind of at the last minute to do something I have never done before, a model portfolio, now I know it's not great, but I had no idea what I was doing lol plus it was mid afternoon, worst time of day for outside pics! I am pretty happy with them though, and it was fun. This girl is only 14! Man I am not happy that I have this to look forward to one day with Madison lol...but isn't she pretty?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skye at the gardens

SOOO hard to choose which ones to post, so here are way too many, and there are so many more :)
The more I look at these pictures the more I am in love with this place.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So there is this daffodil garden in East Texas that is over 800 acres of beautiful fields, flowers, trees, creeks, ect. that you drive through and can stop here and there in designated spots. It's a perfect photography spot! My friend Dodie and I went today with Tyler and her daughter, Skye. I liked it so much, I am going to go back to take Madison to do her pictures if the flowers do not die before I get the chance, they are not open too long. Pics of Skye to come soon, she was much more cooperative than Tyler, today wasn't a great picture day for him because he did not feel his best.

The shots with me in them, Dodie took...gotta give her credit because I lOVE them and it was so nice to have some help taking my pics for a change. And some I took of Tyler...

26 Weeks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tyler- 14 months old

He is so hard to get pics of, this is all we got from today's shoot!

25 weeks

Wow, we are past the half way point already! I really could not have asked for an easier pregnancy. There was a little nausea the first few weeks, didn't last too long and wasn't too extreme compared to the first two, plus I actually only felt sick and didn't get sick. Completely opposite of the first two. Since that, I have hardly even felt pregnant. I swear, if I didn't look pregnant, and didn't know it...I wouldn't know it! I was so scared this was going to be a horrible experience, being pregnant with a 1 year hasn't been bad at all. Of course I have not gotten to the worst part yet- the third trimester which officially starts in a week or two. I have had bad days with my back, but I have that pregnant or not. Some days I can barely walk, others I can do anything, doesn't make any sense but I am thankful that for the most part it's been okay. I was really worried pregnancy would make it so much worse. We will see how it goes when I get a lot bigger in these last few months. I just started having mild heartburn last week, which I have only had one other time in my life- when I was pregnant with Tyler. It was a reminder that I am pregnant, I am not complaining at all since I don't have any other crappy symptoms right now.

Baby Ethan is not very hyper yet like the other two were. I remember Tyler being VERY active, always hurting me, moving all the time, feet in my ribs, always something. This baby is mellow, moves a little but nothing crazy and not all day, I still can't really see my belly move much on the outside too often. I am hoping it's nothing to be concerned about, I just have a nice calm baby that is making it easy on mama because he knows I need a break! I knew from the first trimester that Tyler was big, I told everyone he was big and he was, 9 lbs and 22 inches...this one feels small. Again, hopefully that's a good thing. But he does have a 3 and half more months so who knows! It could all turn around and he start acting like the karate kid and have me feeling like there is no longer room for the two of us in here. With Tyler I gained weight really fast, all over. Every part of me got bigger, right now it's pretty much still just boobs and belly lol and I have gained slowly until now. Everyone says you get a bigger butt with boys and with Tyler I did, but this time I think I might have lost some lol. They say every pregnancy is different, that is so true, Tyler's was so different than Madison's and this one is so different from either of those. Madison is convinced we are having a third and we need a bigger car to fit the 4th baby. I keep telling her there will be no 4th baby but she insists, then again I told her there would be no third. Let's pray she is not right.

My midwife is now doing home appointments for me, which is VERY nice, not having to get us ready and go to the office. I am so excited about my home birth, probably ridiculously excited. Never thought I would be excited to feel that much pain again. But hopefully this birth goes much smoother than Tyler's did. It will just be us here with Madison, the midwife, and her assistant. Madison is really excited to get to see a baby being born again, too. She LOVES childbirth, doesn't gross her out at all. I hope she stays that way.

I have started making "the boys" room. It's nice saying "the boys". I really am glad it turned out to be a boy and am suprisingly excited about another baby. This is their theme,

I have the bedding, lamp and mobile and an espresso crib and we are painting Tylers white toddler bed to match the crib. Still waiting on a dresser (never did get Tyler one lol) , matching curtains, and I REALLY want a glider this time around...a few other decorations before I am done. The room is going to be so adorable, I can't wait to finish it. I may end up splurging on that super cute little boys chair in the picture before it's over with...I drool over it each time I see it.

I did not expect a 2nd baby shower, and really did not expect a third. But my family thinks every baby should be celebrated and I can't complain! I just always thought you only got one. But hey, I love any reason to get together and eat. I don't want anyone to think I am being greedy, I am really grateful that my mom wants to throw one and very appreciative to anyone that shows up, and please do not feel obligated to bring a gift- your presence is gift enough. The date for that is Sunday, April 25th. My sister in law is doing the official invites though so those will go out soon.

Guess that's it for now!

25 Weeks

Photo courtesy of Madison Lacey :)
Almost 26 weeks

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Camera Haters

AKA "My kids"
I don't know if or when I will ever get some really good shots of them. Especially together, Tyler has made it very clear that he is 110% against being in photos with his sister. Not that he doesn't love her, he is crazy about her. But not when the camera is involved. And Madison is pretty much only okay with pictures when it's on her terms and it has to be quick and she usually wants to act like a goofball. I will have to come up with some super awesome bribe for her to give me a good shoot, some wall worthy pictures. There is no bribing Tyler, he just won't do it. Anything I get of him is him wondering around, him looking at the camera is pure accident and if he had been aware I was waiting with the camera, he would never have looked that way. Bribes will come in more handy with him around age 2. For now, I will take what I can get...

Will you please get that thing out of my face?
This is what happens any time I tell Madison to get near him for a shot...I would settle for ANYTHING half decent of them in the same frame as long as one of them wasn't crying or complaining! He was happy as could be until she touched him and he saw the camera. Maybe I need to be sneakier.

Who is the handsome fella? He sure is growing into a little dude!
(The accidental shot, he didn't mean to look at the camera lol, I tricked him with peek a boo)

More of Baby C

Because I had a few more I wanted to do with her last time...

Because I didn't get enough of her the first time!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mini shoot with a petti

My niece in one of the girliest things ever invented, the pettiskirt. LOVE them! I bought this for Madison a long time ago and still have not done her pics in it, but I promise to soon.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Miss Madison (not mine for a change!)

Tyler interferring in the shoot. Madison giving sneak up hugs.

Baby Zion

I am trying to start shooting a lot more, I have really missed it.

Here is 3 month old Zion from yesterday.

Ohhhh what sweetness...can't believe I get to have another soon!

Probably my fav from this session, she looks so dreamy

She looked gorgeous in cream
This is one beautiful mama

What a doll! Most babies this age hate being on their tummy but she did so well posing for me.