Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a month!

Bad mama, I know. I have not taken many pictures or blogged in a whole month. If you are friends or family you already know why I have just been too busy and had too much on my mind. But here is what's been going on in the past month...Madison broke her right arm at the park a week before school started! She cried about 30 minutes and was totally fine after that. During xrays and everything she was talking and laughing. This was her temporary one, she got her pink cast a few days later. She loves her cast and hasn't complained about it once - but everyone else has! She hurts everybody with it, she doesn't realize it since she can't hurt herself with it. It's so freakin heavy and hard. She has hurt every single one of us with it. As most of you know we have 4 extra kids in the house now, and Madison isn't dealing with it as well as I would have thought. I thought she would love it bc she loves complany so much, but it's been a really hard adjustment. And her having the cast only makes it worse bc the kids are always getting mad at her for hurting them so she says sorry a lot. I feel bad for her, but it's been hard on everyone. I hope now that school has started things will get into some kind of normal routine.

The first day of school (today, the 24th) pics!!! She looked so pretty!
She was so excited, when I woke her up she jumped out of bed and ran to get dressed. I had to slow her down. When I took her to her class she didn't even care or notice that I was leaving, she couldn't stop smiling and was just so happy. I cried, it was so bittersweet. The break is nice, but I will miss her. And I am just so sad that she is such a big girl now.
Her adorable back pack and lunch box from Pottery Barn, with her name on both, it's sooo cute!
Tyler playing in the water...

There was no keeping him still without a toy
He HATES hats now :(

These were taken Aug. 3rd, not the greatest pics, but I was trying to get my studio set up and figure out the best time of day to have natural light.
Poor baby, doesn't feel good

He was sick this day, you can tell in his little face :(

Nothing else is really new other than everyone just adjusting to the new changes. John got to be here for a little over a week and left this morning after we got Madison off to school, I am glad he was here for the first day. Tyler is doing great, crawling all over the place. He is attempting to stand alone, a couple of times now, so he may be walking in a month or two. He is babbling so cute and LOVES Elmo. If he hears it come on the tv, he will rush in here and sit in front of the tv and just stare and smile. He still hasn't gotten any more teeth, which is driving me crazy bc I swear they have been coming through for over a month now. I guess that is it for now! Hope all is well with everyone!