Monday, May 16, 2011

Various Pics


A good, but busy day...

As Madison "climbs the ladder" she gets to $1 for being respectful, obedient and responsible. she doesn't get every check every day. Right now she is working to reach the top by her birthday to go to seaworld. For bad behavior she gets a mark on the fridge. Each 5 marks get a spanking and no check mark for the day so she can either fill this page up quickly or it could take months lol. I am doing this instead of weekly allowance, she just now earns her allowance by reaching the word "reward".

Here she is nursing her baby while working lol

All of the vocabulary she has learned in the Horses Unit

Our timeline showing where in history people we study lived

list of more specific things for her to do

her show off wall

making family rules

happily doing her math

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pioneer Day

An event at Old Settlers Park we went to on Saturday. It tied in perfectly with what we are about to study for a few weeks starting tomorrow, the 1800's-ealy 1900's.Madison actually learned a lot here, it was a really great event. We talked about things she remembered afterwards and a lot of it really got through to her. A lot of times when they are running around playing they don't take in what they are hearing and doing but it did stick with her. She is able to tell me how she made cornmeal out of corn on the cob, and then what what you can do with cornmeal like making those johneycakes on the fire like they did and she got the taste (and didn't like lol). And we got to ride the carriage with the horses which was Tyler's favorite part. wash clothes by hand and hang them, see how soap is hand made, made her own candle and dyed some fabric using strawberries, saw how animal fur goes from what it looks like and the process it goes through to become clothing and other things, and lots of other stuff I didn't get pictures of. It was a really neat experience and kids really do learn best with hands on activities because I know if I just read it to her, she would never have remembered all of that.

But first a few from last weekend when my friends Rachel and Nicole were here and Ethan had watermelon which he LOVED...