Saturday, May 26, 2012

So here is a quick recap of April and May

Our church celebrated it's 12th birthday, and had a crazy party. They made human ice cream sundaes by throwing ice cream and toppings at people, trying to make the best one. Madison loved that of course and said she can't wait for next years party.I would post more pics of it, but there are so many different kids in the pics and I don't know if all the parents would be okay with that, but they are all on phanfare if you have that password and link, if not, ask.

 They also played many games, one was a sack race she did with Papa Rob and then the three legged race she did with Nanny. They went to help me out with the boys while I did the pics.
Of course they got the eat some sundae's, too. 

 Today our church had the "Huffin and Puffin for Haiti" The adults did a 5k and the kids a 1k. Madison came in third place and was so proud of herself.
 I got to cheat a little being the photographer, I did about 2 of the 3 miles. Pushing 100 lbs of a kids and a double stroller and holding a 5 pound camera around my neck was HARD. But it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was fun and I will do it next year, without the boys!

 This monster zuchinni came out of our garden! Yep, I grow stuff, and it's edible!

A few weeks ago when John was home, we went to Blue hole one day, and Lake Georgetown another. Blue hole is a fantastic swimming hole, LOVE it. Lake Georgetown is a simple little lake, nothing fancy but nice and clean and safer as far as big slippery rocks goes.

 This happened because this house is cursed. I think. Pretty soon we will have a brand new house. In the past year it's had a new roof, septic work twice, new a/c unit, other a/c work, and now a new water heater. Our home warranty company is going to let us go after this year. Or raise our rate. No hot water for days. Now the dryer is broken. Who wants to start taking bets on what's going out next? I think only the kitchen appliances are left. Toaster arleady bit the dust and the fridge has a mysterious leak.
 For Mother's Day Madison made me HOT tea in wine glasses. How sweet lol. She tried to be very helpful the day before and help clean up and be good. On actual Mother's Day, things didn't go so well. The kids didn't get the memo. But I was still extra thankful that day to get to be their mother.
 Of course we had Easter a while back. That was fun, lots of people came over and it went well.
 We toured a local farm, and bought some of their fresh eggs which were the best eggs I have ever bought, I buy them at the local farmers markets often, but these were even better than what I have had.

                                                          My husband was looking hot.

 And we went to East Texas for my sisters son's birthday. It was a super quick and easy trip and the kids had fun.

Other than that, we have been doing lots of park days, lots of water and went to the quarry splashpad in leander which I love. We have been having a lot of fun getting out around here. We are doing school work still, we don't need a long summer break. We take breaks whenever I want or need to, all of the time so it makes sense to just do school year round. We  took 5 weeks off recently, and it was hard to  get back into a routine and it made Madison lazy. We also just need something to do in the miserably hot summer afternoons when we don't want to go outside come June and July.  I guess that's it for now!