Monday, December 29, 2008

Today is the day...

The due date that is. No sign of baby Tyler yet. Christmas came and went smoothly. I am glad he waited for me to get through the christmas chaos, but now I am more than ready, pretty anxious and super excited. We had a great christmas, spent some time with John's family and mine and stayed home christmas day. Madison got plenty, of course...every single thing she asked for except for the swimming doll that cost $45- bc I refuse to spend that much for a bath toy! Her gift I was most excited about was her V-motion- a toddler video game kinda like a Wii in the sense that you use your body with the controller in hand to physically do what you want your character to do, but for toddlers. I thought it would be great to get her up and active but she can actually play just as easy sitting down only moving her arms, that kinda defeated my whole purpose! And the graphics on it are just terrible, but I guess that is why it was only $60. She likes it just okay, but prefers daddys xbox. Her favorite gifts were her crawling pinky pie pony from grandma, that's nearly all she asked for all year, and talking princess kitchen from santa.

Not too many christmas morning pics bc I left my camera at grandma's the night before and our cheap little one is messed up but John got a few.

In her new outfit from Grandma Carol and Papa John.

At Grandma Joyce's Christmas Eve, being a star :)

Anyway, I will update when Tyler is born, hopefully within the next 1-3 days! Madison was 3 days late, so he just might be too but I can tell my body is getting ready, so any time now!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The last you may see of this...

Me proudly showing off my belly! It probably won't come out of hiding again, forever, after this week or next. Whenever baby Tyler decides to make his appearance. As I have said before, John would rather have a root canal than have his picture taken...but knowing he will be glad when he is old that I submitted him to so much torture, being the loving wife I am, made him do it. But in my defense it was a very brief toture session, as you can see from my measley two belly pics. We took a few more but these were the only keepers. Thanks babe :)

BTW- If you are on my cafemom friends you can see my latest *tastefully nude* pregnancy shots. I almost wanna post them here but feel slightly uncomfortable knowing some men in the family might see them, although the they show nothing but belly really, it might make them uncomfortable lol. Here is the only one I will post's just like the 32 weeky one I did, and I think I look pretty much the same at 37 weeks as I did at 32 but with more stretch marks.
If Tyler decides to stay in over this next weekend I might get some more done, maybe some with Jamie (my pregnant sister :) ) I am not sure if I will make it through christmas or not. I am 39 weeks today YAY! I havn't really had a backache ever since I threw my back out a few short months ago, since it healed I have had maybe one backache? But I just started having a lower dull backache last night, and a lot more pelvic pressure. My lower backache started 2 days before I went into labor with Madison - So my pregnancy journal says (so glad I wrote that thing, I can't believe the stuff I forgot.) But we all know pregnancy and backaches go hand in hand, so it could be just that, and not a sign of labor at all. Although he should be here this week or next week *hopefully* so in either case, it's not far off!!!! Am I scared? Yup, a little. I am afriad I will be at the birth center thinking "What the hell was I thinking coming here without the availability of drugs???" BUT I know if I can do it, I will be so proud of myself and know in the end that it was so worth it. I am very anxious and fairly confident. John knows not to let me give in, he knows a natural birth is what I want more than anything, next to a healthy baby. Anyway, gotta run!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Shoot- Baby Hayden

Isn't he cute???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

37 Weeks Pregnant, Oh so close but yet so far.

Random strangers -"When are you due?"
Me- "December 29th"
Random strangers- "OH, A Christmas baby, how exciting!"
Me- smiling and nodding, pretending I don't hear that every day.

I am getting to that point that every woman gets to her third trimester. It's called "Done." While I am not going to evict him, he will be hearing some words of encouragement from me starting the day after christmas. I won't pressure him before that, since christmas is so busy, it would be nice in one way to not have had him just yet so close to christmas day. But on the other hand, I am so anxious to meet him and be done with pregnancy. I can't complain too much, I don't have hard pregnancies as far as anything out of the norm- just the norm isn't too fun. My belly button gets tighter every day and is about to pop and my stretch marks are not doing me any favors. I am planning on taking some maternity pictures this weekend both alone and with my sister, Jamie, she is also 20 weeks pregnant!!! I am very excited to get those done- so baby Tyler better stay put until then at least! Yep, that's the name...Tyler Brayden. We have always liked the first name since we were pregnant with Madison, and John picked Brayden. My wonderful friends are throwing me a baby shower this weekend and I am so grateful to them and so excited for it although feeling a tad bit guilty!! It's crazy to think he could come any minute, between now and the next 5 weeks! Yep, he could be 2 weeks late if he wants. But I really don't think he will. My bet is that he will come in the 39th week. So hopefully only two-three weeks left!!! You will be seeing tons of pics of him soon! And I guess it's obvious I am having a boy, because I get women actually telling me, not asking, "You're having a boy." Not even a hi, or when are your due, or anything. They just want to state that fact. I do carry him lower than I did Madison, so I guess that wives tale is true for me. But he doesn't seem to notice that he is lower and therefore should have more leg room and not keep his feet in my ribs and lungs. Or maybe he is just super sized like his daddy :)

Some Winter Pics

I just love her in this blue.

Madison's Christmas Pictures

Wow, is she looking grown up or what??? Maybe I am just a little biased, but sometimes I think she is just stunning. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Maternity Pictures Thus Far

In order, starting at 20 weeks-32 weeks. I don't really think I am much bigger now at 37 weeks than I was at 32. I will have to compare the pics I take this weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Well if you are wondering about my blog title, it's pretty self explanatory. I am the worst about waiting till the last minute to do anything. Trying to think of one word to describe myself to use in my title came pretty easy, it took about 60 seconds to think that one up. It must be absolutely necessary for me to do it. It seems the more time I have, the more I find to do, and put off the most important till the last minute. So even though I don't get done what I need to, I am always late bc I'm so busy :) I swear I am working on that. Really, promise. Much more interesting posts soon to come. Give me some time to get used to this blogging thing.