Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ethan Parker!!! Born June 30th at 10:24 am at 7.1 lbs and 20.5 inches.
I will have details and more pics to add later from the birth from my doula/photographer friend Kali, she took this first one...thanks so much Kali!!!

He has daddys nose and lips just like Tyler :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nope, not yet!

No baby here, yes, I am about 4 days over due...he will come when ready but I am having some pre labor so hopefully in the next 24 hours, but I keep saying that and it doesn't happen so maybe I should stop lol. We are about to go running around and hopefully it will get things going.

So to keep myself busy, I took Conner's pics yesterday (my sisters son)...he was needing some one year shots.

Friday, June 25, 2010

40 Weeks Today!

We made it!!! Now, who wants to take guesses on how late baby Ethan will be, how much he will weigh, how long he will be?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

White on White

Is hard to do. Doing self portraits, even harder. Talk about exhausting. Trying to squeeze in pics while I still have time...I MUCH prefer to shoot other people.

Getting low there baby...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Best I could get today...

Tyler didn't like me taking pictures today, you can't see him standing at my feet crying and pulling on me but he is there!

38 Weeks!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the countdown begin!

38 weeks pregnant today! I am all prepared for my home birth, got my birth kit, my birth pool (yep, having a water birth again!) and all the baby's things finally bought this past week. Baby Ethan has dropped lower in my pelvis and is currently in a good position (not posterior like Tyler was). I am still having a pretty easy pregnancy and although I am defintely feeling pregnant, I am not totally miserable like most women are at this point and I most certainly was with the other two. I am really just fine. My complaints are so minor, they are barely worth mentioning. Maybe that just comes from having had two really crappy pregnancies. I really don't feel all that huge either, I have gained almost half the weight that I gained with Tyler! I just started the infamous pregnant lady waddle in past few weeks but it just got bad in the last few days. It's amazing to say my biggest complaint of the moment is all the bathroom trips and my shorter than normal temper. It almost seems to early for this to end, it really flew by. It feels as if I should have a few more months left, at least one or two. I will almost be sad to see such an easy pregnancy come to an end, bc after this, comes the reality...of 3 kids...not only 3 kids but a newborn, an 18 month old toddler, and a very high maintenance 5 year old. We are not just talking about any kids here...but MY kids lol...for some reason I make 'em fiesty. Tyler seems tame around people he doesn't know well sometimes but don't let that fool you, he is loud, stubborn, and as rough and tough as his sister. Of course that may be out of necessity, growing up with her he can't help but be that way. Tyler has a BAAAAD temper that is really just starting to show it's true colors recently. It may be the terrible two's starting a bit early. I remember at this age thinking it was to early for Madison's terrible two's but it sure seemed like it had I guess this is just when it does. And to make matters worse, Tyler is a screamer. Yeah. Not cool. Even Madison wasn't a screamer. I don't like it one bit. Tyler is not going to like getting kicked out of spot, I think we are going to have major jealousy issues. He also just learned the word "No", much to my dismay. I was quite happy that it took him longer than a lot of kids and was in no rush to teach it to him, but alas, they all learn it. He also gives great big dramatic (mmmmmWHA!) kisses now, just not to me. If your a stuffed animal, a baby, a toddler he doesn't know, or a random toy that's not a car (for some reason he doesn't kiss cars but will other toys) then you will get plenty of love. But every time I ask him, he shakes his head no. Every. Single. Time. Even Madison (AKA "Na-Na") gets one now and then.

As a side note kind of off topic, since I brought up Tyler and cars...most people know the he, as most boys, LOVES cars, anything with wheels. Well every since he first started playing with cars as a baby, I have noticed that he always has to have 2, sometimes, 3 but at least 2. But more interestingly, they always have to match in some way. I thought it was very smart of him at first, it may not be so suprising now at 17-18 months that he can find similiar vehicles, but he did it well before he was one and from the very start of him playing with cars at all. He will find two cars that have SOMETHING in common. He rarely plays with only one car, and rarely with two cars that are not related somehow. It's always either two matchbox cars, two dump trucks, to tonka trucks, two firetrucks, two school buses, moster the very least they will be the same size or color if there isn't a closer match available. I am not sure what personality trait this is, anal complusive lol? Just good at paying attention to detail, perfectionist, intelligent, OCD??? Do other boys normally do this? I still think it's pretty smart.

Madison is not nearly as excited about this baby as she was Tyler, but of course it was her first sibling so it was more exciting to her. I don't think it's real to her, she keeps talking as if it's going to be years before he is born. She thinks she will be a teenager when he gets here lol. I am trying to prepare her for any day now but I think we are all going to be in shock when it really happens, it just doesn't seem real yet to me either. She will get to watch the birth again and she is happy about that, but it's like old news to her lol, she is just like, oh...yeah...been there, done

I am assuming I still have a good 2 weeks to go. I fully expect to go 1-3 days overdue so I won't be at all dissapointed to see my due date come and go. Madison was 3 days late, Tyler 2 - by the time he was born, techinically only 1 at the time labor started. I would be pretty shocked if he comes early. I can feel my body preparing though, things are definetly getting started. I really need to get one more maternity shoot in just in case he does come earlier than expected. Well, I just wanted to update, hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Backyard Fun

He is nearly as big a she is lol!
He looks a little happy but he is really screaming "LET ME GO!!!"
Unsuspecting Tyler lol...I love this picture, with Madison's "I'm gonna getcha hand"

She wanted to copy Taylor Swift :)

And my fav...

Trying to mainly get some pics of Madison done before the baby comes since I haven't had a good shoot with her in far too long. I still can't get a good one of the two of them, there is no way I will get a good one of all 3 of them! I am going to have to hire me a photographer!

I am trying to updated phanfare every time I do my blog, I only put my select few favs on the blog, but put all the pics on phanfare. We went to the sray ground the other day, got some pics from there and also uploaded all from the kids playing outside yesterday eating some watermelon. Hopefully I will get a few more shoots with Madison and at least one maternity shoot done this week but even the thought of doing my own pics, maybe I will, maybe I won't. It's so much work! I have been really bad about taking any belly pics this pregnancy though and I am almost done! Only 2.5 weeks or so left so I need to get on the ball.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Party Time!

It was Madison's 6th birthday yesterday, WOW. First 6 years flew by. Today was both her ballet recital and her birthday party, what busy day. I am exhausted. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped make her day special and for the gifts, I think she truly loved everything. There were several people who didn't show that she really missed, including daddy. He wasn't' able to get off work like we thought he would. We were very sad about that. But overall, the party went great and even though most of the kids didn't show up, the few kids we did have had a lot of fun, I think she had a great day which makes all the hard work worth it. Madison did good at recital, she loves performing.

Grrr...I hate how the blog uploads pics backwards...start at the bottom first lol

Anyway, the kids had a pool to play in, but they were more interested in the water balloons...
Tyler was in his own world today, off playing with his trucks and in the water keeping to himself.

They may have had a little to much sugar between cake, cookies, cupcakes, cokes, snow cones, and candy. Just a tad bit.

She loves her barbie from grandma elaine.
She actually asked Aunt Lyndsay for a rubber snake for her birthday, so she could scare Tyler with it lol.
She has been wanting a pink cowgirl hat and boots, which she got from Papa John and Grandma Carol. She got so much more but I can't post pics of everything, you would hate me. Many thanks to everyone!!!
Love her face here :)

At Recital...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010