Tuesday, August 21, 2012


July was hot, and long and sucky on many levels. John was gone most of it. Don't have many pics, as I don't always drag my big heavy camera along to the parks and playdates and such. But I do need to do it more often.

One of the times I did, was this one. I met with a friend at the capitol grounds and had a picnic. Our kids played and the boys had sword fights with sticks. I love boys! So easily entertained. But the humidity kept fogging up my lens! So all my pics are soft. 

                                           Made pirate hats to go along with our pirate book that day.
Tyler said he wanted Spiderman hair. I didn't know what that meant. At the salon to get his hair cut, he told John it was the red hair gel. Okay. So he put it on him at home. He hated it and messed it up immediatly by rubbing his head on my bedroom carpet. NOT COOL, TYLER!

 But Ethan loved his red hair!
They like to hide in John's nightstand. So funny. They will giggle and I will act like I can't find them. Then they pop the door open and crack up.

And I think that is is for July, seriously, that's it! I know, after June, you were probably expecting another 5 pages. :)


WHOA! Just looking at all these pictures, I am having a hard time believing we did so much in June. And this is not a fourth of the pictures, which can all be seen on phanfare.
But I am supposed to type on here, actually write stuff instead of just posting pictures. Sometimes I forget that I need to write, that not everyone is on facebook seeing those pics I post there regularly or that everyone does not periodically check phanfare. But most people will read the blog, and it's the one that I am the worst about updating. So now I have a bunch of recapping, here we go...

It rained A LOT in June. This particular week, it was either don't let the kids go outside or let them be covered in mud. We chose mud. 

YUCK! Quite literally taking a mud bath.

 And we had TWO birthdays! John had to leave before Ethan's birthday on the 30th, but was here the weekend after Madison's on the 4th, so we had their two parties together at The Quarry Splash Pad. One of my favorite places.

                                                  Here is my newly 8 year old on her birthday! And what a birthday it was. No party today, but she didn't go without. First thing was a big pancake breakfast, then off to the pool for a few hours, then pizza for lunch. Daddy sent her a fruit basket from edible arrangments.Off to the movies to see Mirror Mirror, got a manicure with mom, and met the grandparents at The Cheesecake Factory in which she had a chocolate milkshake, dinner and a big cheesecake for dessert! She actually, not surprisingly, ended the evening with quite a tummy ache!
 And then Ethan was 2 on the 30th, even though we had his party earlier in the month, I just had to make him a little cake on his actual day, even though it was just us 4 at the house.
Showing "2" on his fingers, one on each hand :)
                                                                    I love this shot :)
                                            Madison's gift from us, she has been asking for one.
                        Madison's table on one side and Ethan's on the other to keep their parties kind of still their own and special :)
                                   Ethan sat at his table all by himself while we did Madison's lol.

And then we went on vacation! Well we 4 did, John went to work! We tagged along and did some fun stuff when he got off each day. First was Homa, Louisiana, near New Orleans. It was a good trip.

 Went to Storyland, super cool place! So adorable!!!

 Ethan got a kick out of putting Madison's shoes on daddy's feet It was cute.

Then we went to the beach! A friend of ours let us stay at a beach house with them near Galveston, what a blessing, nearly a free vacation.

                                                                         I love him.

I do not know why blogger decided to separate the Louisiana pics from the beach ones, oh well!
                                                                            Train ride
                                                 The boys fav part of Storyland, the pirate ship

                                                           What a busy, fun month!!!
We did do a lot of homeschooling, did much of nothing really. Madison got her summer break after all, only because we had some people living with us with kids and it made it too hard. So we just did some math most days to not get further behind on that.