Monday, July 27, 2009

Crawling, Pulling Up, Oh My

This standing business is FUN!

Tyler's KISS impression

I love you, man

Please excuse Tyler's filthy clothes, he just had pears for breakfast

This is his sitting scooting crawl....

It looks like I run a daycare in the background, jeeze.

Can you see the excitement on his face? :)

Sis, is she coming???

DANG, she caught me!

Wow, Tyler had a HUGE developmental growth spurt today! We just got back from Austin last night, spent the weekend shopping for Madison school clothes and spending time with Papa John, Grandma Carol and Uncle Jacob. He has been scooting for a few weeks but not fully crawling. Last night he pulled up to a standing position for the first time and has been doing it all day today, he won't stop. And today he started crawling in a funny way, while sitting up kinda of still, half sitting, scooting,crawling lol. And just a few minutes ago I think he finally figured out there was a much easier way to crawl. But all day he was getting to wherever he wanted to go doing his weird crawl. He finally discovered the entertainment center and all the buttons- it was bound to happen but I was not ready for it lol. I am in a rush to child proof now. So with all his new exploring today he has had many boo-boos. We have hard floors so he has had many backward falls and bumped his head good. He is so proud of himself when he stands up, it's so cute. Madison gets so excited every single time he does it. She likes to get him to follow her, it's adorable. It's like in one day he went from just a wiggle worm to fully mobile. I also have had to start saying the word "No" and I feel stupid saying it, he just ignores me or laughs at me lol. He seems to young to say no too. His favorite toy today is the spinning top we got at the cracker barrell yesterday- thanks Papa John.

John had to leave today for Houston and is going back to Korea in a few days. He was gone 2 months and then home for 3 weeks. But it shouldn't be 2 months this time he says. I hope not, that seemed like way too long.

Right now I am telling Tyler NO NO NO to touching the buttons at the tv stand and he is giggling his butt off.

We have gotten all moved in and unpacked, it only took a month! But we are really enjoying the new house. It's a little bigger and nicer and the backyard is fabulous. I can do shoots back there, no more parks, it's GREAT! But I don't have a studio anymore, I decided not to use the shop like I had originally planned to do. I gave it to John. It is unfinished and it would take too much money to make it nice enough, and I don't want to spend that on a rental. Tyler is attacking me, gotta go for now.

We've Moved!

Finally, I am getting this updated, sorry for all the posts in one day. I have been terrible about updating things the last month. It's been a little crazy. Here are some pics of the house and Madison's new room, which she loves.

I got these chalk dots at Target, are they not the coolest?!

Just tidbits...

John trying to teach Madison how to skate...didn't go much better than this the whole time lol...
Tyler's First Solid Food at 6 months and one week old, Daddy feeding him oatmeal

He is sitting up so good now
When we were still unpacking...obviously lol. I caught them sitting like this and thought it was so cute, I had to go grab my camera and hoped they were still like this when I got back.
Starting to crawl a few weeks ago

Swimming at Gina's house

Splish Splash

Tyler's First Pool

Tyler's first time swimming

He loved it!

Madison's Shoot

A friend of mine, Brandy Walker, makes wonderful hair bows for little girls- some of the best bows I have come across. We did a product service trade - her bows for free pics for her site, which I built and you can check out, HERE Support a Stay-at-home mom and go buy a few for the little princesses in your life. :)

So here are a few of Madison that I took for fun while getting the bow shots. There were a ton more but these are my favs.