Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catching Up

My computer was out of order a few days, then my cd drive messed up and I couldn't upload my pictures so here is my catching up...

We have had a very crummy week. All 3 kids have been sick and/or fussy which means little sleep for me. Tyler has had a cough, threw up, been very irritable and clingy, constant low fever, and a few other issues and hardly eating at all. He has lost 2 lbs this week because he doesn't even eat one whole meal a day. We were at the dr on Tuesday and he weighed 29 lbs, on Friday he weighed 27. His had tests on his urine, throat and for pinworms and all came back negative. So hopefully it's just a virus and will be gone any day now, he is better for the most part but still not 100%. Madison was only sick one day and got sent home from school. She went to the nurse and told her she didn't feel good, but because she didn't have fever sent her back to class GRRRRRR...a little bit later Madison threw up a ton all over the classroom floor. HAHAHA. She then threw up all night and has had fever and said her back hurt, took her to the dr as well and urine test came back negative, too. Ethan now has Tyler's cold and couldn't sleep all night because his nose kept getting so stuffy he couldn't breathe or nurse so I had to use the aspirator on him many times, you know how babies love that. I have gotten less than 4 hours of sleep every single night this week but one between all 3 of them. Tyler has been having the worst screaming fits all week, I am so sick of his screaming. I am pretty exhausted.

On a good note, Madison has made a few friends, two are the neighbors to the left and right of us, and a few at school. She likes her school a lot and loves riding the bus. We have very nice neighbors, who do in home daycare. We are going to church with them tonight. John has been gone a few weeks and will be home in 3 weeks...seems like far too long.

Ethan is being so cute! He has started cooing and smiling for everyone instead of just me. He smiles very easily and has a little laugh too. I just love him. He is still the easiest baby ever, as far as babies go. Now for some adorable pictures...

Madison lost her 3rd tooth at school this week. She worked on that tooth for weeks and was so excited to get 4 quarters for it.

This is what happens when baby gates are made out of VELCRO and I am not in the room!!! Who the heck thought of that? Apparently somebody who has never even been around a child.

First day of 1st grade
She likes looking like Hannah Montana- ugh

Tyler has been insisting on wearing hats lately, it's so cute7 weeks old

walking to the park

These are Tyler playing in our "redneck pool"

20 months old

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It was a no nap day
"I'm gonna eat this one way or the other!"

The work of a big sister... HAHAHA!!! Tyler even thought it was hillarious

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Settled In


Well we have lived in Round Rock for 12 whole days now. Time is flying because we have had so much to do. Aside from all the unpacking, decorating, and endless cleaning and diaper changes...we have done a few things. Last week we went to a church we liked a lot, and plan to keep going to. Madison loved it as well and made a new friend, who come to find out, I had made friends with her mom at the same time and we ran in to each other the next day at the library which had an adorable puppet show. She has 3 kids as well and close ages to mine and we plan on meeting up next week. My neighbors seem great, have a little girl as well, and the neighborhood seems to have plenty of kids. I can't wait for Madison to make more friends. The neighborhood has it's own really nice park about a whole minute or two walk away and we have been going there almost every evening when it cools off. Madison gets to ride her bike on the sidewalk and likes that. Today we are going to a playgroup at a cool little frozen yogurt place, which madison and I love. This weekend we plan on going to west lake or local spring. The swimming opportunities are endless. Last weekend we went to the aquatic center about 5 minutes down the road and it was so cute, not really a pool, but a water play scape with a lazy river and toddler pools, sprayers, slides and such. Even Tyler warmed up to the water and had fun, he has been afraid of it in the past. Every time I go to the park there I meet another mom, it's nice living in a family sub-division even with it's drawbacks. I do miss my yard at the last house but I have a fence this time so it was a good trade off. There are countless things to do here, I have a long list. I am really liking it so far. The indoor and outdoor kid friendly places are all over the place, exactly what I wanted.

Ethan is now 6 weeks old, and finally has some personality coming out aside from mellow. He started smiling at me and looks so much like Tyler's smile when he was his exact age. They both have daddy's mouth for sure. He is still such an easy baby as far as babies go, that doesn't mean he doesn't have his fussy moments or sleeps well every night but that is to be expected. Of course his favorite thing is still me and almost all he does is sleep, wake to have his diaper changed, eat and fall back asleep. He is staying awake a little bit longer this week. When I can't get his to calm down I put him in the my moby wrap. He falls asleep every time. He LOVES it. I use it when I am in public almost every time, don't know how I lived without it with the first two. It doesn't hurt my back like my others did no matter how long I wear him.

Tyler is really growing up, he is talking more, he has the cutest meow I have ever heard. His favorite word of course is NO! He refuses to give me kisses, tells me no 99% of the time. He is starting to follow some directions but still doesn't understand everything. He is 19 months old now but looks more like 2.5. His favorite thing is still cars, he is obsessed. His favorite book is anything with animals. His favorite show is Sesame Street. His other words are done, cup, na-na (madison), mama, daddy, car, go, bye bye...that's all I can think of right now but there are a few more. He isn't saying nearly as much as Madison was at this age but I expected that with a boy. All he really wants to do is push his cars around and go need for words.

Madison is liking it here, too. She loves being able to go to the park so much and making new friends. She is excited for school to start and to start gymnastics. Her reading has really exploded over the summer, she can read just about anything pretty easily. I forget I can't spell things out in front of her anymore haha.

We are going to be late to playgroup if I don't hurry up and shower...take care everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 week old Ethan

I know, I have been terrible about taking pictures, just been so busy and lazy when I'm not!