Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Mr and Mrs :)

So my sister got married at Chapel Dulcinea, a GORGEOUS location in Austin. I am so jealous that I did not get to get married there! I loved it so much. It was a very short and sweet ceremony followed by a super quick reception because the the bride and groom were late to their own wedding hahaha, they got caught in some bad traffic. I wish we could have staye hours and done tons more pics but everything was rushed, I think we did it all in less than 45 minutes from the time she was ready.

Okay, so blogger uploads these backwards and its way too much of a pain to put them in the right order so start at the bottom and go up lol. There are 80 pics, I will add the rest to phanfare when I get them paid haha. By the way, I am no wedding photographer by far, but with a location like this, anyone could get some good pics...well anyone except my mom that is hahaha ;) I should also add that I had the wedding cake sitting in my back seat and Tyler got into it and had some bites while we were all loading up lol. That was pretty funny. Blogger is being way too slow for me to add any reception pics!

The Happy Family with the shirtless boy, because he got orange soda all over him right before lol

The flower girls

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ethan- 10 Weeks Old

My little guy is laughing and cooing and is so sweet, along with being the easiest baby in the world still. He is still mellow and sleeps a ton. He just started really paying attention to and liking his mobile, bouncer toys, Madison and Tyler. He smiles SO easy, as long as he gets fed and changed when he wants it, he is such a happy baby. I love him :)

This was Tyler's first outfit
I wanted to compare similar pics of them so I chose the closest ones, tyler looks a little weird bc he is pulling on the corner of his mouth but its the closest pic I could find

watching his mobile and smiling at it

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lake Travis

We spent labor day with some friends and neighbors at Lake Travis. It was nice but we sure did miss John. The lake is so beautiful and the water was nice. Can't wait to go back when he gets home. But we need to remember water shoes...the rocks were pretty painful and there was no escaping them, even in the water. Tyler drove his cars around, madison looked for shells, and they both loved the water, Tyler even let us throw him which would have never happened 2 months ago. There are some shaded picnic areas with bbq pits that we will go to when John gets home and spend the day in a few weeks.
Tyler with Danny, Jacobs roommate

Tyler of course had cars, as always. He even kept one the whole time he was in the water, luckily it floated.

Madison and her missing tooth :)Overcast most of the time, but nice and breezy
My rock climber
The skye was so beautiful when the sun was out, picture perfect with the sailboats and hills, love it out there
Ethan didn't care for the water, it was a little cool for him.