Saturday, April 25, 2015

6 month Recap

Here is an update with everything that I can think of that went on over the winter season and into spring, starting right after Halloween and ending with April. 

In November, we did another unit study on fall. We made this delicious sensory dish with oats, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, fake fall leaves, apple pie seasoning, some measuring spoons and cups for them to play in the oats with and make pretend foods with which they liked a lot. They kept doing math and writing activities using print outs and cut outs of leaves, trees, ect. focusing on fall themes and colors.  I can't even remember all the books we read now, we got quite a few from the library- that's why I should update this more often!

 Also, in November I did a quick photo shoot with the kids and I absolutely love their pictures. Can't wait to get in the new house and get some of these printed on canvas. Here are just a few.

Tyler was quite the little stud muffin and actually wanted his picture taken.

Madison and I had a girls day in Salado, love it there! We found this great little road with the most beautiful fall colors you can find around here. 

Then we had Christmas a month early, this is normal for us :) John was gone all December. :( 


So me and the kids spent Christmas day at a hotel relaxing and playing and trying not to be sad that daddy wasn't home on Christmas. 

They got 1 gift each when they woke in the hotel Christmas Day.
 In December, we also went to the Georgetown Stroll, which is always great and another even in Round Rock with the fake, muddy ice...yuck.

The boys climbed a rock wall.
Made gingerbread houses with cousins

Tyler had his 6th birthday on Dec. 31st!

And lost his first tooth!


This handsome man right here won an award at his work Christmas Party for Camserv Technician of the Year

And we got to dress up all pretty.

                                                 Madison dressed like a greek goddess

We went to Target and dressed like cavemen.

March...I think...

Went went on a little hike at Rivery Park and pretended to be ninjas.

We put our house on the market and it sold in 3 days!

We bought 13 acres in a beautiful gated acreage subdivision where we plan to build.

                                                               And it looks like this!

And this! (in the back anyway)

And this!!!! And I can't believe it's ours!!!!! 
It's amazing. I feel so blessed. So thankful for that handsome man who is such a great provider and has worked so, so hard for this.

Kids had cousins stay the a really uncomfortable position.


We went to a homeschool group Easter egg hunt.
On Easter weekend, we went to visit family in East Texas. We stopped by the Parrot Park in Lindale, which my little history buff, Tyler, very much enjoyed.

The weather turned beautiful and we have been enjoying it!


Tyler got buried in dirt at the park.

And we took a fun firestation tour with our co-op.

I learned that my boys do not know how to operate an old fashioned (non touch screen smart phone) phone. Because we don't have one. And that during an emergency call, they forget their address. Note to self: practice emergency situations more often.

We went to the Round Rock Culture Fest where the kids attempted to dance to spanish music. (Madison and Ethan are on the left end)
 We took goofy pics with the props from our co-op end of year party photo booth set up that I prepared for and then had to miss because Ethan got sick :(

 I got to lay in the hammock several evenings recently enjoying this face:

And we have been giving homeless insects shelter. Including one moth caterpillar that I think has died in it's jar. We have housed ladybugs, grasshopers, crickets, butterflies, things I don't know what they are. The boys want to make every creature their pet.

And I think that's a pretty good 6 month recap. I left out most of the boring school stuff. But Tyler is starting to read and both of them have improved their writing skills. They are doing really well. Madison is surviving.  She is pretty sure that she will pick a career that does not need to know math, so I probably shouldn't make her do that anymore ;).

Oh, and we are moving into a travel trailer in two weeks while we build for 6ish months. Hopefully not 9. Please...not 9...

I'm out!

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